"Music is a performance and needs an audience." ~ Michael Tippett

Extreme Duality invites you to join them on their musical journey with a selection of videos from live performances. Hear and see for yourself what these extreme instrumental ranges and sensitive musicians can create.

North Shore at Dusk

Scott R. Harding

This performance took place at Ste. Anne's Church on Mackinac Island, MI on August 3rd, 2014. This movement is part of Harding's Legends of Mackinac for flute, double bass, and percussion. They are joined by the composer for this performance.


Scott R. Harding

This work was written for Extreme Duality and demonstrates the compelling sounds and textures that can be created when each instrument explores the opposing extreme ranges.


Hilary Tann

Although originally written for flute and cello, Extreme Duality has adapted this hauntingly beautiful piece for flute and double bass. Llef is Welsh for "a cry."


Lauren Whiteman

Originally written for flute and cello or marimba, Extreme Duality has fashioned this work into a signature piece. Each movement is based on a poem, using the haiku format, that is either poignant, descriptive, or whimsical.



Extreme Duality with poet Jim Bogan

On July 31, 2016, Extreme Duality collaborated with celebrated Mackinac Island poet James Bogan. This segment of the performance features Bogan reading poems by William Blake followed by the performance of Two Poems of William Blake by Paul Morgan. This is followed by a collaboration between Bogan reading his original poem "All Blue" as Extreme Duality improvises music to reflect the words and mood. This poem was also based on a painting by Stanley Bielecky.


Michigan, USA

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